Why are Backlinks Important For Your Domain?

According to many Algorithms of Google, the backlinks are not important and they don’t focus on such links. But SEO experts say that backlinks are very important and these links should be created for the better ranking of your website in search engines.

Now here, a big question raises, what we do?

Should we follow Google instructions? Or perform manual backlinks work? Guys! This is our basic topic, at which I will discuss with you in detail.

First of all, we must know about the definition of backlinks. Let’s start!

What is a Backlink?

Generally, experts define a backlink in simple words “Backlink is a link that is created, when a website or domain is linked to another website or domain”

In simple words, we can say that in the content of an external website there is a link of my domain inserted in the content under a specific word that is also known as “Anchor Text”.

It will be considered as a backlink of my domain. Through this link, the readers of the external domain may visit my linked website or any specific page on my domain. As a result, a relationship is built between the external website and my domain. So, this is the actual meaning and importance of backlinks.

As I discussed in the above lines, many SEO specialists emphasize on the creation of backlinks for your domain to increase authority. Because they are a very important part of the SEO strategy of your site to boost up in a search engine.

But Google has spoken many times about the creation of backlinks that, don’t try to generate such links because Google doesn’t focus on these links.

Just think! Do we follow Google or not? Do we follow SEO experts or not? It’s a big issue and we must know about it.

Do Backlinks Play an Important Role to Rank a Domain?

The answer of the above question is very simple in my opinion and I will say YES! As well as NO! Surprised? Oh actually according to my answer “YES” the backlinks are very important and are the backbone of your domain ranking in search engines.

Backlinks reveal the authority of your website and trust from one domain to another domain. So, if you want to do SEO of your website then, the backlinks are very important for this purpose.

Due to backlinks other people of particular domains also visit your website which will capture more and more traffic from these other domains.

Obviously Guys! If we trust a person, then there are various reasons behind this purpose. Just like in an office, all people if have trust on a person then you will trust him automatically due to his popularity. Even you are not familiar with that man and he is not your friend.

Similarly, when search engines examine the traffic on your website from different sources or domains then, these search engines feel your website is trustworthy. The rating of your domain will also be better and your website comes on the first pages of search engines.

Your proper SEO-optimized content gives you better results in ranking and for proper SEO backlinks play a very important role.

Now, according to my answer “NO” these backlinks are now focused by Google, especially according to its recent ranking updates. If Google finds a backlink of a website that has high spam score then, it will affect your domain. Ultimately your website will be removed from the search engine and your domain traffic finally become zero.

So, you should be careful during article submissions or guest posts. Must check the host website authority and spam results. Actually, Google doesn’t like any type of backlinks. Now I will discuss it in detail.

Why Google says don’t Create Backlinks!

I will start my answer by a simple quotation “Excess of everything is bad”. I mean to say here that during SEO, we don’t have to over-optimize anything. Even you are doing off-page SEO you have to optimize normally, don’t create too many backlinks from low-quality domains.

That simply means you have to create a quality backlink from a high-authority website rather you build a number of backlinks from low-quality websites. Do you know Guys? Only one quality link from a high DA, PA and high-traffic domain is enough as compared to one thousand low qualities backlinks.

Therefore, be careful for the creation of a backlink. Don’t build quantity, just build quality! There is no issue, if you create only 5 backlinks in a month, but it’s necessary that they should be high quality. You can capture more traffic and the Google search engine will also give value to such backlinks.

These are the main factors due to which Google don’t like backlinks normally, and your website is considered spamy. If you don’t follow quality then, the search engines will black list your site and rank it down.


Backlinks have the greatest importance for the ranking of your domain or blog or brand website. Create these links from high-authority websites. Never compromise on quality, because your domain is a very important asset for you. Stay in touch with the search engines’ latest updates so that it should be avoided by any negativity.

Dear Readers! You have to take much care about the strategy of creating of backlinks for your domain.     Thanks for being with us! Have a nice day.