Get More Google Rewards by Learning White hat Link-Building Techniques

White hat link-building techniques are those tactics that are used to build links in a natural manner. Such natural links have a lot of value in the eyes of Google and are friendly to users. Basically, we connect with other websites through a positive conversation with the admin.

You got a backlink from a trustworthy website by doing this. Actually, the major purpose of white hat link-building techniques is to enhance the visibility and ranking of your website. I will discuss in my article only those white hat techniques that are under Google guidelines. Following are the most Google-friendly white hat link-building techniques:

  • Guest Posting or Guest Blogging
  • Use Properly Google Search Console
  • Search Broken Links
  • Skyscraper Technique
  • Generate Infographics
  • Use of Skimlinks
  • Working on Link Reclamation
  • Influencer Outreach

Guest posting is a simple practice to write content for a high-quality website and you place your website’s hyperlink in content. Sometimes we exchange links with each other. It is one of the best white hat link-building techniques.

It is good for both persons that are involved in Guest blogging. The admin of the website gets high-quality content and you as a guest outreach get a white hat link from his website. For a good and Google-friendly guest post, you must find a website according to your category or niche.

The website that you choose for this purpose must have a good reputation and not suffer from Google’s backlinks penalty. It also should have significant traffic. You must provide better content so that the audience of that website gives value to your content.

Use Properly Google Search Console

Google search console is a free tool for the website’s owner to check, optimize and monitor the website’s activities. For better Google search results GSC is very helpful. During the use of GSC, you must care for some things that are given below:

Verification of website

You have to verify your website first for ownership by putting a code to your website’s HTML or DNS records.

Account Setup

After the verification of your website, set up your account for GSC and add your website link.

Add Sitemap

Google understands your website structure when you submit a sitemap for indexing and crawling improvements.

Carefully Observe the Performance of the Website

Check your website’s clicks, impressions, click-through rate (CTR), and average position in Google search results with the performance report in GSC.

Errors Fixing

You have to fix the errors that are indicated in GSC like crawling issues, broken links, and other problems. These errors may affect the performance of your website. But by the fixation errors, your website will run smoothly.

Use the URL Analysis Tool

Check the indexing status of particular pages on your website using the URL inspection tool to find any problems that need to be resolved.

Make sure the links going to your website are coming from high-quality sources by keeping an eye on them with the GSC backlinks report.

Look into Mobile Usability

Utilize the mobile usability report to find any problems that can be impairing the functionality of your website on mobile devices.

The Search Appearance Report should be used

You may learn more about how your website appears in search results and spot areas for performance improvement by using the search appearance report in GSC.

You may successfully utilize Google Search Console to monitor, administer, and run smoothly your website.

The broken link-building technique is also one of the important white hat link-building techniques. This technique demands some work hard in finding or outreach to get backlinks. But they are of high quality so must get the broken links for your website.

To get such links use different tools like Broken Link Checker to find these links. Find the relevant websites and contact the webmaster and request him to link replacement.

Skyscraper Approach

The Skyscraper approach lies in one of the tough white hat link-building techniques. It is producing superior online material over what already exists.

After then contacting websites to request links to your content. Although this method demands a lot of work, it can provide high-quality links and substantial traffic.

Start by researching already-published material in your niche and then produce something better. After you have your material ready, contact websites that have previously linked to content that is comparable to yours and request that they do so again.

Reaching out to websites in your niche to share an infographic includes crafting a visually engaging infographic. High-quality links and large traffic can be obtained with this strategy.

Create an infographic that benefits your target audience to get started. When you’ve finished creating your infographic, contact websites that would profit from publishing it. Be sure to include a summary of the infographic and the reasons why their audience will find it valuable.

With the aid of the affiliate marketing tool Skimlinks, you can generate revenue from your website while constructing links.

Skimlinks work by automatically incorporating affiliate links into the articles on your website. You gain a commission when users click on these links and buy something.

Create an account with Skimlinks and install the plugin on your website to get started. Your website’s content will be automatically updated with affiliate links by Skimlinks, which could produce high-quality links and a new source of income.

Finding references for your company or website on other websites that do not link to your website and requesting that they do so is known as link reclamation. This method can produce high-quality links and assist you in finding and resolving errors about your company or website.

Start by keeping an eye on mentions of your brand or website using tools like Google Alerts or Mention. When you discover a mention without a link, get in touch with the website’s owner and request that they provide a connection to your website.

Reaching out to people in your niche and encouraging them to share your material or connect to your website is known as influencer outreach. This method may produce high

A marketing tactic known as “influencer outreach” entails locating and getting in touch with people who have a substantial influence over a given market or audience. These people—influencers—have a sizable following on social media or other platforms and have the power to affect the beliefs and actions of their followers.

In order to promote a brand or product, influencer outreach seeks to take use of the authority and trust that influencers have gained from their audience. The tactic is finding the right influencers, getting to know them, and then requesting that they post material or advertise a service on their network.

Final Reflections

The development of your website depends on the creation of quality links. In fact, backlinking will someday be just as significant as search, according to 53% of SEO professionals.

All backlinks, however, are not made equal. Concentrate on using white hat link-building techniques, such as publishing press releases, creating dead links, and participating in HARO, to maximize the results of your work.

Your website will benefit from improved search rankings, more visitors, and higher conversion rates if you concentrate on building quality backlinks.


Any effective SEO campaign must incorporate white hat link-building techniques. You can increase the visibility and authority of your website. Just avoid the consequences associated with using black hat SEO tactics.

 By putting your efforts into producing high-quality content, and establishing connections with other websites. Also by promoting your brand through social media and influencer outreach.

Following the white hat link-building techniques described in this article will help you increase your website’s exposure and authority.  You can also create a long-term SEO plan that will help your company for many years to come.

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