How Textbroker Can Help You Make Money Online?

There’s a good probability that you’ve heard of Textbroker if you’re a writer. But what precisely is Textbroker, and how can you use it to improve your writing? We’ll go over all you need to know about Textbroker in this post, including its definition, operation, and how to get started.

What is Textbroker?

A company called Textbroker links clients who require written content with freelance authors. The platform was established in 2005 and has since expanded to become one of the biggest online content markets, with more than 100,000 active authors and thousands of customers.

How does Textbroker work?

This platform was created to give authors a consistent flow of work while also making it simple for customers to purchase and get high-quality text. This is how it goes:

The topic, word count, and any further specifications are included in the order for the material that the client submits.

A rating is given to the order, indicating the degree of the writer who can take the assignment.

The tasks that meet their rating level can be accepted by writers once they have browsed the listings.

After the writer uploads the finished piece, editors at Textbroker examine it before the customer receives it.

What are the benefits of using Textbroker?

For writers, It offers a number of benefits

A steady stream of work

With thousands of orders being submitted each day, there’s always plenty of work available on the platform.

Flexible scheduling

Writers can work whenever they want, as much or as little as they want.

Competitive pay

Writers are paid per word, with rates ranging from 0.7 cents to 5 cents per word depending on their rating level.

No pitching or negotiating

Clients come to this website looking for content, so there’s no need to spend time pitching or negotiating with potential clients.

Reliable payment

Textbroker pays writers twice a month via PayPal, so there’s no need to worry about chasing down payments from clients.

For clients, It offers a number of benefits as well:

High-quality content

A group of seasoned editors from this platform carefully examine each piece of content provided by authors to make sure it satisfies strict requirements for professionalism and quality.

Quick turnaround

Clients may receive their material back fast because authors are constantly willing to take on new projects.

Reasonable price

It provides reasonable pricing for companies of all sizes, with costs starting at only 1.3 cents per word.

Simple ordering

Customers don’t need to haggle over prices or sign contracts; they can place an order in just a few minutes.

How can I get started with Textbroker?

Getting started with Textbroker is easy. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Create a free account on the Textbroker website.
  2. Complete a writing sample to determine your rating level.
  3. Browse available jobs and start accepting assignments.

As you complete more assignments and receive positive ratings from clients, you’ll be able to move up to higher rating levels, which will allow you to earn more money per word.

Tips for Success on Textbroker

If you’re new to this website, here are a few tips to help you succeed.

Take the time to write a great writing sample

Your writing sample is your ticket to higher rating levels and better-paying jobs, so make sure it’s the best work you can produce.

Be selective about the jobs you accept

Don’t accept jobs that are outside your area of expertise or that you don’t feel confident you can complete to a high standard.

Communicate with clients

If you have questions about an assignment, don’t be afraid to ask the client for clarification.

Meet deadlines Meet deadlines

Clients rely on this platform to deliver content on time, so it’s important that you complete assignments by their due dates.

Edit your work carefully

Textbroker editors do review your work, but taking the time to carefully edit your work before submission can help ensure you receive higher ratings and better feedback from clients.

Final Lines

Textbroker is an excellent platform for freelance writers who are looking for a steady stream of work and reliable payment. With thousands of available jobs and flexible scheduling, writers can easily fit Textbroker assignments into their schedule while earning a competitive rate per word.

Clients can also benefit from Textbroker’s high-quality content and affordable pricing, making it a win-win for both parties.


Is Textbroker available worldwide?

Yes, Textbroker is available to writers and clients worldwide.

Do I need to have professional writing experience to work at Textbroker?

No, anyone can create a Textbroker account and start writing. However, having writing experience can help you succeed on the platform.

How long does it take to receive payment from Textbroker?

It pays writers twice a month via PayPal. The exact payment schedule is on the Textbroker website.

What kind of content can I expect to write on Textbroker?

Its clients order a wide variety of content, including blog posts, product descriptions, press releases, and more.

Can I negotiate rates with clients on Textbroker?

No, It sets the rates for each assignment based on the client’s needs and the writer’s rating level. There is no need to negotiate rates.