Link Building Part-II, Disavowing Backlinks, and Backlink Campaign

Hello Guys! This is the second part of my previous article Link building. In the first part, we discussed some important initial points about link building. If you have not read the part-I then, it is recommended that you must read it before reading this part. Now, here we are going to discuss some more attractive points of link building and backlinks.

For backlinks, the most asked question is, to make only good backlinks immediately. It’s just like that if we say to a farmer that, plant a tree and get fruits immediately. That simply means people want those websites, where good but common backlinks are inserted.

But the main question is here such links are useful? Should we make such backlinks? The answer to this question lies between “YES” and “NO”. Typically, search engines do not allow making such links, but in reality when you make a new domain or website then, your website has no backlinks.

You must have to start working on content and outreach of the domain. Initially, some traffic is also required because Google has no awareness of your newly designed website. Therefore, at the start these low-quality links are helpful. But wait!! You don’t depend only upon these backlinks because the progress of your website stops.

As a result, good traffic is not achieved. So, it is recommended that these backlinks should be made but fewer in number. Make sure that the backlinks should be relevant.

Well! I have told you in the above lines that make backlinks such as Profile links in lesser quantity. I would like to tell you the reason about it, why we can’t make them in large numbers. What’s the drawback?

If a person asks you, give proof about why profile backlinks must be less in number. You can give the answer in one word and that is “Editorial Links are considered as the best links” Let me tell you about more these links.

A particular page of a domain that contains good content and the owner of the website inserts a link in this piece of content then, it is well known as an Editorial link.

Similarly, links in comments, signatures, profiles, etc are known as Link Schemes according to Google. Here I would like to tell you that these are against policy of Google. Such links may boost your website traffic but soon, Google will capture it and de-rank your website.

I recommend you can start with such links, but never depend upon these backlinks.

Actually, the internet’s basic meaning is to connect with each other. So, it is impossible to stop these automated links. But there is something good dudes! And that is, Google has learned to ignore these links. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about them because you will not get any loss due to such links.

One thing more never disavows these links because there are two reasons:

1) Google ignores them and doesn’t give any type of punishment so, never waste your time.

2) If disavowing is not done properly then it may harm your SEO for your Website.

 Links may be increased by the following three methods:

  1. Make
  2. Grab
  3. Steel

1) Make

It means the backlinks that you make yourself. They include some backlinks that are given below.

  • Social Profile
  • Direct Submission
  • QnA Sites
  • Forum & Community
  • Genuine Blog Comments
  • Job Portals

These all links are the basic part of link building. The above links should be made at the start of a website and their quantity should be in a few numbers. If you make them in a large number at the start, then you will be shocked often by the core updates of Google.

 Because such links give only visibility of your website but there is no peculiar response from search engines.

 2) Grab

Grab means to take links from other websites and it includes:

  • Guest Blogging or Guest Posting
  • Mention Links
  • Broken Links
  • Link Exchange
  • Testimonials

This part of link building develops more relationships of your domain with other domains. They are highly confidential and paid links. But I am suggesting you join different groups on social media that are related to your field.

They can help you to build the best links from their blogs. A healthy network of such link-building strategies will give you more benefits and they will be free of cost for you.

3) Steal

Here, I don’t mean that you become a thief and steal a backlink. Actually, this part contains:

  • Link Buying
  • Sponsoring
  • Killer Content

You know well that Google is very restricted on buying links, it’s a good thing but you also must be familiar that Google doesn’t check your bank details.

Many people spend their money on buying such links, but it is necessary to take much care in the search for fit blogs or websites for the creation of these links.

Similarly, sponsorship may also be helpful for link building and the third part killer content too. But it’s a tough part of link building strategy. You have to write genuine and interesting content so the other people should be ready to give links to your website.

This is simply Stealing!

It’s a good question and its answer is very simple. Link building is not a one-time process like SEO, it is a continuous process. So, you never decide that the links must be in a very large number. Just make three to five of the best links in one day and almost 100+ links in a month.

Now I will tell you about four types of links that should be made for your domain.

 These links are made on your domain homepage. They contain target Anchor Text in the form of your website URL.

Such links are made on the brand name, the anchor text in your brand name.

These links are made on your Keyword. The anchor text is your ranking or target keyword.

Deep links are made on your internal pages containing useful content and you want to rank these pages.

So, it’s not very hard to make these links. Just you have to plan better for your website ranking and to achieve good traffic. I think it will be a better piece of content for you.


Link building is a very important part of SEO for your website. You have to make much care for link building with better quantity and link relevancy.

Must comment on the blogs of your field-related or niche-related persons positively so that a good relationship is built between both of you. Avoid creating too many links because this will harm your website or domain.

I think it is not the last but least information, but you will get more benefits after deep reading of these two articles that are based on Link building Part-I and Link building Part-II. Have a nice December and Marry Christmas in Advance to all Guys!

Stay with us for further interesting information and don’t forget to comment in the comment box, it will be a guideline for our team.