Content Plagiarism: Does it Affect Your SEO and How to Avoid It?

Today we are going to talk about Plagiarism. So, what is plagiarism? Thus, plagiarism means copying another person’s work and claiming it as your own. Well, in normal language, if I speak, another person has done some work, He has created some ad work. 

He has written any content. Therefore, this content has been copied by you. And you are claiming that it is our content. But the same thing becomes almost the same if I talk about SEO. That is when you have content on your web pages that you are saying is our content.

Especially, if that content is on your web page, then it is definitely your content, but you have copied it from somewhere. That is another person’s authorized content. Which you are copying and saying is yours. Hence, this thing we call plagiarism.

Content Optimization Plagiarism

Plagiarism is considered spam in SEO. And if you do more than a limit of plagiarism on your website then your website may be blacklisted. That means there will not be a show at all. Therefore, these are some things that you have to keep in mind. 

Thus, I hope you understand the meaning of plagiarism. Many people also call it duplicate content. But duplicate content is a little different. Suppose, if a web page contains anyone else’s content. You have copied their content but you have given them credit. 

In the other words, the person to whom you copied the content is giving you authority to use that content. Thus, you can use duplicate content in this way too. But this will not come in Plagiarism. So duplicate content is also called copying the content of another. But plagiarism means that you copy the unauthorized content and put it into your web pages.

 Now you are claiming that this is your content. Hence, I hope the difference between duplicate content and plagiarism is clear to you. Now let’s see how we can check whether the content on our website is plagiarized or not.

Small SEO Tool

So, the tool I am using to check Plagiarism is called the small SEO tool. Well, I have already used it. If you type normally plagiarism checker also, the same website will appear at the top. Conversely, you can directly go to the small SEO Tools website and here you will find Plagiarism Checker. 

So here a window will open in the plagiarism checker. Now scroll down and you will see some options here. Assuming that, you have just written the content and not uploaded it to the website. So, you can directly check it by putting your content here. You can directly check your website, the URL of your website, and the URL of a webpage by copying and pasting it here.

That how much-plagiarized content is on your website? Moreover, this is also a section here, that is (Exclude a specific URL). Now let’s assume that WsCube Tech has two websites, for example,, and am just taking this as an example. Thus, the content of is similar to

We have created duplicate content. But that content is not plagiarized. Why, because the content on both websites belongs to the same party. When you’re copying your content, it is not called plagiarism. So that’s why if I aad here How will plagiarism be checked? 

It will search and see which other authorized websites it is available. Therefore, you don’t include because it is our website. Either any website that you think I have authority over and I can use its content. Hence, you can put that URL here. Let’s take the URL of any website and check it.

Like this XYZ page and I have copied its URL and I have pasted it here. After pasting you have to verify Captcha. After doing this you have to click on Check Plagiarism. We’ll click on it and wait a little bit and it will tell us that how original our content is. Or how plagiarized it is. 

Thus, you will see that checking has started here. Here we find out how much is plagiarism and how much is rare content. Let it process. And let’s see what the final results are. So, look here it has been completed and a hundred percent checked.

You’ll search that 92 percent of the content on this website is plagiarized. And only 8 percent is unique. Therefore, it’s also telling you which of its lines is plagiarized and you can compare it. Where is it copied from? Thus, see each line is a copy of it.

SEO on Websites

Now let’s talk if we are doing SEO on any website. So, how much percentage of plagiarism is acceptable in its content? By the way, many people call it 10 percent and some people call it 5 percent. Therefore, let’s do something about it. Check out the top-ranking websites. 

Type two or three keywords and look at how much plagiarism the top-ranking websites have. Check it once. I am checking on one or two keywords. Remaining you will check the. And you will tell me how much on average plagiarism has occurred in top-ranking websites. 

I take two keywords. 

1. House Cleaning Services in Dehli (Commercial Related Keyword:

For the first keyword here I simply typed (House cleaning services in Delhi). Watch here Urban Company is coming first. Urban Company is a brand. Hence, rank it. I do not think. Or any ranking factor will play an important role in it. Because Urban Company already has so much traffic. The urban company is also called an UrbanClap. 

Accordingly, I do one thing. I take the second and third websites or web pages that are ranking.

Like this one I open. Thus, I copy it and go to Plagiarism Checker. I copied it here and see how much plagiarism is on it. You will see the web page that is ranking here on Clinic Services in Daily. The content on it is 100 percent particular. 

Do one thing that the second website is coming and also take it. As this assure shift. I open it and copy its URL too and put it on the plagiarism checker on the same website. Let’s check it out. Look this website also has 100 percent unique content. The topic ( House cleaning services in Delhi) I have taken here is a bit commercial related. 

2. What is History? (Blogging Related Keyword):

I also type a blogging keyword here. From which just avoid any confusion. As I type a very simple keyword. That is what is science or what is history. Type it because this is enough blogging. Educational-related material will seem. So first see history today is coming.

 Therefore, I open the history today tab once. And I copy this page and check it in Plagiarism Checker. That is how much-copied content is on it. Look at the blogging website, that is, this page has a lot of text written on it. And this text is 100 percent unique. In other words, it has zero percent plagiarism.

 There may be a coincidence so I take another website. I don’t take Wikipedia because it will not check Plagiarism for ranking. Rather, it already has so much traffic. Hence, we take this webpage which is about (what is History about and why should we care). See coincidentally, its URL is the same here and Its content is 100 percent rare.

Look, I have added two types of keywords: one is related to the commerce service and one is related to blogging where articles can be posted. You watch which were the top-ranking websites and I have taken all the non-brand websites. I didn’t take Wikipedia or UrbanClap.

They are not ranking because of their brand, but they are ranking normally because the content on their websites is good. Thus, there I checked they have 100 percent unique content and they have plagiarism-free content. Now here comes the question that I have asked you recently. What percentage of plagiarism is applicable? 

Hence, it has no range. You should try to make your content one hundred percent particular and try for a hundred percent then you will reach somewhere around 70 or 80 percent. You will be able to keep 70 and 80 percent rare content. Therefore, you have to take care of this thing here. It plays a very important role in your ranking. 

Because I have already told you that if there is good content then the website will rank. Because the experience of the audience will be better. And every search engine wants that whatever results receive audience from me should be relevant and good quality content. 

How to Avoid Plagiarism in SEO?

This thing gets a lot of attention and Google especially focuses on it. That how is your content is. So, I would suggest you try to keep 100 percent uncommon content. Now how can we do this?     Hence, here are some tips to avoid plagiarism in SEO.

1. Unique/Original Content:

Look at the first method if you have an empty website that you haven’t written content on it yet. Thus, you suggest to your content writer that your content should be unique and original. But you already have a website with content already created and written. Try to change it. 

Because our content will be as rare and creative as much. Therefore, we will get better results. So first you try to explain to your client that controlling plagiarism is very important. And it will make a difference in our ranking. Accordingly, this is something you can try to convince your client.

2. Use LSI keywords:

The other thing I would suggest to you is LSI keywords. Conceding that, you use LSI keywords when writing content. As I take the example. Suppose you attend a coaching class. If you use the coaching word again and again. There are chances of you showing unintentional plagiarism. 

But if the coaching word is appearing repeatedly in every line, then you are writing classes and institutes instead of the coaching name. Through this method, you can create better and more combinations. This way your unintentional plagiarism will not show. This way you will reduce your chances of showing unintentional plagiarism. 

Many times, we write uncommon content but plagiarism is seen in it too. Because it is unique in our opinion, but someone has already thought of such content and put it on their website. Therefore, to prevent unintentional plagiarism, use as many LSI keywords as possible.

3. Avoid Article spinning:

Many people take an article from a webpage and paraphrase it and add it to their content. We call this activity article spinning. In other words, I picked up the article from somewhere, twisted it around a bit, and copied it onto my webpage. Thus, you should not do article spinning at all. Try to write rare content.

 And even if you are copying from somewhere, quite often it will happen that the same content will be found. Because what can you call science now? If I speak the definition of science. There are hundreds of science websites that have already written definitions.

Accordingly, the probability of this thing increases a lot. your content gets copied and shows unintentional plagiarism. We can do a little bit of paraphrasing to control it. So, we will try to change the synonyms and convert the words in this content too.

 You don’t have to do article spinning at all. Bit by bit content you can take from anywhere and write some particular content of your own. But don’t do that by picking up the article and copying it. This counts as spamming. This will defect you’re ranking by hundreds of percent.