What is Link Building for SEO? Major Types of Backlinks?

I would like to say that, link building (backlinks) is actually oxygen for the search engine optimization world. If your links are of high quality then, your website has good traffic, high domain authority, and page authority. In case of low-quality links, there will be no traffic, no authority, and ranking of your domain in search engines.

Link building requires a detailed discussion and it is difficult to explain in one article, so I am going to divide this topic into two parts. Let’s start Part 1 of this topic!

As discussed earlier links are very important for the SEO of a website, especially for Google because it focuses on these links very much. It seems that, Google watches the speed, profile, type, and relevancy of links by its tools automatically and manually. So links should be created carefully.

Now the question is what is a link actually? How does it look? Let us start with a simple example of a particular link.

A link looks like as: “https://thecreativearticle.com/growth-hacking-strategies/”. If any of the words from this link is missing then, it doesn’t work. Do you know in this line the most important part is “growth-hacking-strategies/”. This is actually an anchor element or anchor text.

If you are thinking that, the URL in the above link “thecreativearticle.com/” is important then, you are wrong. Actually, Google ranks your particular page on the basis of the anchor text which is the most important part of these links.

There are two major types of links that are given below:

Links created on the same domain.

Links created on different domains.

There are two other types of links on the basis of their relationship.

Those links are relationship attributes. Such links have no guarantee. Google or other search engines don’t give any importance to these links. No follow link was introduced by Google in 2005 to curb link spam. Google encouraged webmasters to vaccine No Follow tag with Forum comment links, signatures and profile links at that time.

It was due to a greater number of backlinks that were inserted by people. It was as an instruction by Google at that time to tag these links as No Follow.

But now, No Follow link is hint only. Google made it a hint in Sep, 2019 rather than an instruction and Google will decide itself rather it will be important or not!

These links are opposite to No Follow links. They are better than No Follow backlinks. Actually, Do Follow links have a deep effect on the ranking of your pages and become a trust from the referring domain. If the referring website has high Domain Authority and Traffic then, Google or other search engines also give importance to such links.

Your website becomes good and gets a higher ranking in search engines. So, Do Follow links are always taken from an authoritative domain otherwise your website may be affected by the policies of search engines like Google.

Here I will discuss two major uses of links according to Google.

  • On the basis of links, Google decides the importance and ranking of a page on your website and shows the pages on top of the searches. The algorithms of Google that rank the pages due to links became popular and made Google as a top search engine.

This algorithm is known as PageRank but, its name is not derived from its work of page ranking. Actually, it is named due to the name of Google’s co-founder Lary Page. He invented this algorithm.

  • Second use of links is that they help Google to link with other pages through a particular page. When Google sees a link on a page then it must visit this page rather the site owner has added his domain in site map or not!

It’s a very important question to discuss here. For better ranking, the links at the top of the content of a page should be of high quality and considered as best links. Similarly, the links at the bottom of the content are medium. The links on footer and sidebar are thought to be of low quality.

Therefore, you must take a link at the top of a page for your domain. I think the concept of link position is clear. Now we talk about exactly the opposite to the recent lines because when Google evaluates these links then it doesn’t look the position of the link only.

Google also uses the Reasonable Surfer Model for the evaluation of links. This model treats the link like a normal human and looks the better place of the link insertion where is a maximum chance to click. If a user reads interesting content and he clicks a link at the bottom of the page then, Google feels this link is more effective and trustable.

 Sometimes the content becomes more significant and user clicks a sidebar link then, it’s also considered important by Google. So, clickable links are more important rather their place in the content of a page.

The main question is to what thing your link should be relevant? For this answer, I give you an example. Suppose you have a website having the domain name abcd.com and you have to insert its link in another host website like example.net /abcd page.

There is a particular page of content on example.net/abcd page and contains lot of paragraphs you are going to insert your website abcd.com in a paragraph with anchor text abcd world then, you have to check these important points given below.

  1. Domain name must be relevant.
  2. You have to take care of the paragraph where the link is to be inserted. It must be relevant.
  3. Focus key phrase or keyword must be relevant.
  4. Domain URL should be relevant.
  5. Most important is anchor text that should be relevant.

These 5 points are very important for link insertion. For the above example, you can see that all points are good except point number 1.

It is not necessary to follow all these points but you have to follow the maximum point for better ranking. Now at the end of this topic we discuss about the number of links.

Actually, the total volume of the links is not predicted, no one can say about it because if the number of links is large then it’s good for a domain.

But the speed of making links is very important. Let’s think that you have a site example.com and this site gets 10 backlinks in January, 12 new backlinks in February, 11 in March and in April this domain gets 200 new backlinks.

You suddenly make links for your site from the entire database for SEO of your domain. Then in May you search new websites to create backlinks and you get 300 links. Now, in June you find less data to create backlinks even you don’t get any data from Facebook.

Then you create only 11 backlinks in July. Guys! Here is the big problem because it can be easily detected that in April and May you get maximum backlinks and it seems these links are generated forcefully. Google Algorithm feels these links are not natural.

So, you can get some good traffic from these links but, Google will capture your domain and de-rank your website soon. During Core Updates, such types of websites are mostly affected.

Actually, Google notices only those backlinks that are made in 24 months and count their number. If you are generating backlinks for your website fast then, it looks unnatural according to Google’s algorithm. Ultimately you will not get any benefit from such links and don’t make links slowly because it’s also wrong.

Therefore, you have to make a strategy to build good links from the best quality websites and try to make them in the same number per month. Best of luck! And I hope you understand my point very well. Soon I will publish the second part of this article and I will talk about link strategy; thanks for being with us have a nice time.